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In-depth Knowledge on Nervonic Acid Extracted from Acer Truncatum Seed

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 In-depth Knowledge about Acer Truncatum Seed Extract Nervonic Acid

What is Nervonic Acid?

Nervonic acid (24:1, n-9) is a fatty acid. It is a lignoceric acid (24:0). It is also known as selacholeic acid and cis-15-tetracosenoic acid.
It exists in nature as an elongation product of oleic acid (18:1 Δ9), its immediate precursor being erucic acid. Nervonic acid is particularly abundant in the white matter of animal brains and in peripheral nervous tissue where nervonyl sphingolipids are enriched in the myelin sheath of nerve fibers.
In the same way, recent studies have concluded that nervonic acid is implicated as an intermediate in the biosynthesis of nerve cell myelin.
This acid is an important member of the group of the cerebrosides, which are fatty acids of the glycosphingolipids group, important components of the muscles and the central nervous system and peripheral. Indeed, it is one of the major fatty acids in brain sphingolipids, normally accounting for approximately 40% of the total fatty acids in sphingolipids.

Nervonic Acid Sources

Nervonic acid (24 carbon atoms) was first discovered in the fat of Elasmo tributaries by Tsujimoto M. in 1927. In subsequent scientific studies, it was further found that it existed as glycerol ester in the fish oil of the Centrophorus granular fish liver oil and was high in the cruciferous plant Lunaria Annua (22-25%).

Among all omega fatty acids, omega-9, known as nervonic acid, may be the rarest and least valued. In our daily life, there are many sources of nervonic acids. Generally, it can be divided into animal and plant sources. (Nervonic acid food sources as follow:)


Animal Sources

As mentioned above, nervonic acid was first found in the sphingolipids of marine animals such as sharks. They mainly exist in nerves and brain tissues, including the white matter of the animal brain and myelin sheath. Due to the protection of marine resources, legal restrictions and high production costs, it is impossible to put nervonic acid into the daily supplement market only from fish sources. Therefore, people began to find and extract nervonic acid from plants.

Plant Sources

Like most Omega-9 fatty acids, nervonic acid is almost entirely contained in seed oils. Accredited on the market are include Malania oleifera, Lunaria annua (honesty), Tropaeolum speciosum, Borago officinalis, Acer Truncatum (purple maple), Cardamin graeca, etc. Among the storage lipids, it was found nervonic acid in the form of triacylglycerol (TAG).

Malania oleifera (Olacaceae) is an evergreen broad-leaved tree, native to southwestern China, and is an important oil-seed tree species. Its seed oil contains high levels of nervonic acid (cis-tetracycline-15- oleic acid), more than 60%.

However, Malania oleifera is a threatened species and has been listed on the list of important protected wild plants in China. Therefore, Acer truncatum Bunge is currently considered to be the best natural source of the highest yield of nervonic acid in the market. 

Nervonic Acid Benefits

Scientists have found that nervonic acid is an essential nutrient for the growth and maintenance of the brain, and nervonic acid has been found in breast milk: It is said to accelerate the development of infants. This is the reason why pregnant women and lactating women are recommended to eat more nervonic acid food.

Supporting Brain Health

Nervonic acid usually exists in sphingolipid of white matter in the human brain. It is the most abundant in nerve tissue and brain tissue, and it is an essential component of the cell membrane. Nervonic acid plays a vital role in the biosynthesis of myelin in nerve cells. It can be used to treat demyelinating-related diseases, such as adrenoleukodystrophy and multiple sclerosis. Nervonic acid levels in sphingolipids are often low in these diseases.

Prevention and Improvement of Alzheimer’s Disease

In recent years, the global attention to Alzheimer’s disease has become increasingly concentrated, which seems to be the concern of any family for the elderly. However, in the study, it was found that nervonic acid can promote the regeneration and growth of neurons, repair and dredge nerve information and nerve fiber transfer highway to dredge brain pathways, repair damaged cranial nerve cells and encouraged cranial nerve regeneration. Nervonic acid increases the energy of brain cells, promotes cell proliferation and differentiation, prevents aging and injury of cranial nerve cells, and restores clear perception, discrimination, learning, and memory. Nervonic acid can effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Other Benefits

Organizations tested the concentration of nervonic acids in the plasma of the subjects and found that there was a positive correlation between the content of nervonic acid and depressive symptoms. Researchers have proved nervonic acid that it can effectively regulate blood lipids, reduce cholesterol in vivo, and has excellent benefits for cardiovascular diseases. There is also evidence that nervonic acid has therapeutic effects on cataracts and epilepsy.

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