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Acai Berry Extract - Health Benefits You Need to Know

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What is Acai Berry?

Acai is the acai berry. This is a small, dark purple berry native to tropical regions of Central and South America, especially in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. They all grow from a palm tree called euterpe, a tall palm tree that grows in the tropics and reaches 100 feet tall when mature. Because the growth is extremely slow, it usually takes 4-5 years to start to bear fruit, so it is very precious.
For thousands of years, acai berries have nourished local residents. There has always been a history of edible and medicinal acai berries in traditional tribes in Brazil and the Amazon.
Acai berry is called an energy booster and is used for hunting, enhancing libido, etc. Local residents also use acai berries as antibiotics to fight schistosomiasis and other diseases.

8 Benefits of Acai Berry?

There is no doubt that acai berry has a long list of health benefits, but the biggest benefit is its high antioxidant properties. Acai berry has a very high ORAC score of 102,700, while blueberry, also known as a super antioxidant fruit, is only about 9,400, a difference of ten times!
The reason why acai berries have such a high ORAC index is due to their high concentration of pigment nutrients, especially anthocyanins (the charming deep purple is also derived from this). The anthocyanin concentration of acai berry is 10-30 times that of red wine.

ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)
It is used by academia to measure the absorption capacity of oxidative free radicals, that is, the index of food antioxidant
capacity. The higher the effect, the better. The value for Acai is very close to the top of this list.
1. Strong antioxidant capacity The ORAC value (antioxidant capacity) is as high as 102700, which is 11 times that of blueberries and 40 times that of apples. Even at very low doses, it can still effectively remove free radicals in the body.2 Promote heart health. The rich anthocyanins and phytosterols can balance cholesterol levels. Unsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 can soften blood vessels and maintain heart health.
3. Stop the growth of bad cells. The anthocyanins and polyphenols in the acai berry have strong anti-proliferation ability, which can prevent the uncontrolled growth of bad cells.
4. Helps digest acai berry, which is rich in fiber and is an ideal source of dietary fiber. It is also a natural digestive cleanser. Can help the liver and kidneys process and remove waste and toxins from the body.
5. Reduce inflammation Acai berry is an anti-inflammatory food rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid, which can reduce inflammation, and has a positive effect on many diseases caused by hormone problems (such as type 2 diabetes, immune system diseases).
6. Enhancing immunity. Consuming acai berries helps the production of immune cells and maintains healthy immunity. The system plays an important role.
7. Improve cognitive ability. Studies have shown that acai berry can effectively improve the brain's short-term and long-term memory, and prevent Alzheimer's and neurological diseases.
8. Promote skin health and anti-aging. The strong antioxidant capacity of acai berry can remove free radicals, help the body repair damaged skin cells faster and prevent skin aging.

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