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Ginger Oleoresin | Bulk Wholesale Supplier and Manufacturer of Ginger Oleoresin Essential Oils

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Update time : 2022-01-10 15:51:46
Ginger Oleoresin | Hefei Dielegance Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Ginger (Zingiber officinale R.) is a popular spice used worldwide. The oleoresin consists of gingerols, shogaols and other non-volatiles as chief bioactive constituents. Ginger Oleoresin is a viscous liquid with reddish brown to dark brown color extracted from dried roots of plant Zingiber officinale. Ginger is universally used ingredient for pickles, cooking of various cuisines, beverages and traditional medicine. This miracle spice is well known for its powerful medicinal properties to cure everyday health problems i.e ingestion, obesity, sore throats & coughs.
Ginger mainly contains pungent compound and volatile oil and other minor constituents are resins, proteins, starch, trace minerals. The active compounds in Ginger responsible for imparting its characteristic properties are Gingerol, shogaols & zingerone. Gingerol & shagaols are pungent constituents. The terpene components including zingiberene & bisabolene along with some nonterpenoid compounds in Ginger essential oil contribute to aromatic properties.


Ginger Oleoresin | Certificate of Analysis

Product Name: Ginger Oleoresin                                                                                                                  Specification:0305-2

Batch Number: 20220105                                                                                                                             Shelf Life: 24 months

Packing: Sample Bottle                                                                                                               Production Date: Jan. 5th, 2022

Quantity: 500G                                                                                                                                   Report Date: Jan. 7th, 2022

Examination Basis: GB 29938 Company Standard

Item                                                                                            Standard                                                                           Result

Appearance                                                                           Red-brown to dark brown oil liquid                                    Conformed

Flavor                                                                                    Characteristic aroma of ginger                                           Conformed

Specific Gravity(20℃/20℃)                                                   0.930~0.990                                                                         0.956

Saponification Value,%                                                                     ≤0.5                                                                                   0.1

Gingerol,%                                                                                          ≥20                                                                                 25.1

Lead (Pb), mg/kg                                                                               ≤10.0                                                                     Conformed

Arsenic(As), mg/kg                                                                              ≤3.0                                                                     Conformed

Conclusion: The Result Comply With The GB 29938 And Company Standard.

Checked by: Yiyou Wang                                                                                                                          Inspected by: Hao Ding

Hefei Dielegance Biotechnology Co., Ltd. specializes in the ginger oleoresins research and development for several years. Based on the industry leading technique and advanced test equipment, our ginger oleoresin stands top in the industry. It is well accepted and widely used by many companies especially in the flavor and fragrance, spice food seasonings and ingredients, nutritional agent industries, etc.


Ginger oleoresins offer standardized strength & quality locked flavor and aroma

Co2 high quality extracts for unstable and heat sensitive Gingerols

Powerhouse of nutrients and bioactive compounds for medicinal applications

It is powerful preservative known to kill bacteria salmonella.



used in processed foods, carbonate drinks, cocktails, wine & beer, flavor formulations, curries, sauces, bakery, seasoning mixes, dairy products


for aroma in culinary applications, aromatic blends, inhalation cures


used in pickles, desserts, food preservatives


in Pharmaceutical & Ayurvedic medicines, cough candies, personal care products (soaps, shampoo, creams)


used in health products to relive from stress, anxiety, improve digestion, appetite suppressant

Ginger Oleoresin Wholesale 

Are you looking to buy Ginger Oleoresin at wholesale price? If so, Hefei Dielegance Biotechnology Co., Ltd. would be your trustworthy supplier and manufacturer for ginger oleoresin. For more product details, you can check information on our product page Ginger Oleoresin or contact us via email address

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