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Organic Wholesale Garlic Oil

Item No.: Garlic Oil - 0101
Dielegance Biotechnology is a wholesale bulk supplier of organic garlic oil.
Appearance: Clear Yellow to Red-orange Liquid
Active Ingredient: Allicin, Thioether Compound
Spec.: 100% Natural
Price: To be discussed
Supply Ability: 5000KG/week

Natural Garlic Oil is extracted from the fresh garlic seed by steam distillation method. It is 100% pure natural oil for the food seasoning, healthcare supplement, etc.
Why is garlic a great health herb? It has the vital chemical compound allicin that is the wonder therapeutic ingredient for its medicinal qualities. The allicin compound contains sulfur, which gives the garlic its pungent savor and peculiar smell. The health benefits of garlic are innumerable. It helps fight heart ailments, fight cold, cough, lowering the blood pressure level.
Garlic is the oldest known medicinal plant variety or spice in existence. Mankind recognized the curative qualities of this magic herb since over 3000 years. Sir Louis Pasteur, the discoverer of penicillin effectively utilized the anti-bacterial qualities of garlic way back in 1858.
The World War medical surgeons used the health benefits of garlic juice as an anti-septic for treating war wounds. Garlic contains useful minerals such as phosphorous, calcium and iron. The trace minerals such as iodine, sulfur and chlorine are also present in the cloves in addition to the compounds such as allicin, allisatin1 and 2.
Population studies have clearly demonstrated the cell-protective properties of garlic consumption in areas where the garlic intake was high. Human studies show that garlic inhibits the formation of nitrosamines (the powerful cell damaging compounds formed in the digestive process).
Garlic exerts a wide range of benefits on the cardiovascular system, for the most part due to sulphur compounds such as allicin and allicin by-products (e.g. ajoenes). Research indicates that garlic supplementation lowers total serum cholesterol and improves the ratio between HDL and LDL. There is also evidence that garlic possesses a blood pressure lowering effect, an attribute that is mostly linked to the herb’s ability to reduce platelet aggregation.


Quick Details:

Product Name

Garlic Oil

Latin Name

Allium sativum L.

Part Used

Garlic Seed/Bulb


100% Natural (C14 Test)


Clear Yellow to Red-orange 


Oil Liquid

Active Ingredient

Allicin, Thioether Compound


pungent odor and a flavor characteristic of garlic

Refractive Index (20℃)


Specific Gravity(20℃)


Diallyl disulfide(%)


Diallyl trisulfide(%)



25KG/50KG Steel-HDPE Bucket


Dielegance Biotechnology implements tracking system in every production stage, which includes incoming materials, stocks, production, finished goods, washing cycles and equipments. All ingredients are controlled by an advanced quality standard that ensures full traceability of color, flavor, odor, assay, sieve size, heavy metals, PAHs, pesticide residue and microbiology. With our expertise in sourcing new raw materials, we aim to facilitate your innovations and introduce new products in the market.

Dielegance Biotechnology is natural garlic oil bulk wholesale supplier and manufacturer in China for several years.



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